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Smart-Bracket Inventor - Eric Kurtz


Being a veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees and owning a construction company I saw the need firsthand for safe staging that didn't take hours to set up and take down. I have invented that product.

The OSHA compliant Smart Bracket is the safest, most versatile staging bracket ever! Too much time is spent on setting up and taking down staging and it is marginally safe at best. With my new Smart Bracket anybody can set up staging in just minutes. You can hang it on the wall, from the roof or anywhere at all that you need staging. There is absolutely no where that Smart Bracket Staging Can't be used. And the safety features are amazing. Set up time for a OSHA compliant staging on a 30' is under 2 minutes!  Here is a recent quote from a HFH customer:

  • "We used them for the first time last week. We set our roof trusses and started our roof with them. They're REALLY easy to use and worked out great! Smart Bracket Staging makes it a whole lot safer than working with and moving around other kinds of scaffolds. They made it safe for the crew working on the roof. We're getting ready to use them on our next build and I can't wait. I'll send some photos."
  • - Construction Supervisor for Habitat of Cleveland, TN.

Please check out my website to see how SAFE and easy they are to use.

Thank you,

Eric W. Kurtz

Staging Bracket LLC