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Smart-Bracket Kit




Lightweight and Durable
Sets up in just minutes
No Drilling required
Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements
Load rated at 1,000 lbs per pair!
Comes with
 (1)Smart-Bracket Main Frame
 (1)Plate Mount
 (1) Hanger
(1)Backside Stanchion
 (1)Wall Brace
 (3)  Rail Pocket
 (7) Tab Lock Pins
Adjustable for aluminum planks from 12" up to 28" wide & 39' long
Use just 2 Smart-Brackets for up to 39' span
Adjustable toe, mid and top rail pockets
Adjustable for walls from 4" - 13" - use on ICF walls!
Accommodates top chord overhang of up to 24" 
Powder coated durable finish in bright OSHA yellow